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Updated by: Corvineum (ProCon's Author)
Updated for: ProCon Latte (version
In this documentation: Explanations and F.A.Q.

    General Settings:
  • Hide from Tools Menu - Removes the ProCon shortcut from Firefox's Tools menu drop-down
  • Show in Status bar - Shows an icon regarding to ProCon's current state of filtering including: Filter On, Filter Off, and Trusted
  • Lock the Add-ons list - Locks the Add-ons window, to prevent ProCon (or any other extension) from being altered
  • Lock 'about:config' - Locks the configuration page, to prevent ProCon's settings from being altered

  • Right-Click Options:
  • Enable right-click blocking - Makes it available to add keywords to the filter lists through Firefox's context menu
  • Enable right-click adding to Whitelist - Makes it available to add trusted sites to the whitelist through Firefox's context menu

  • Shortcut:
  • Ctrl+Alt+*User-defined key* - Makes it easier to call ProCon's settings using the keyboard

  • Main Filter:
  • Enable Explicit Material Filter - Enables ProCon's main filter (and feature)
  • Block All Traffic - Prevents anyone (without permission) to access any site except for whitelisted site (only if the whitelist feature is enabled)
  • Add reason of blockage to warning - Informs the user what is the pattern that caused a page to be blocked
  • Custom Warning Message - Gives the user the opportunity to change the warning message
  • Redirect Blocked Page - An alternative to ProCon's notification, will redirect the user to a defined site when inappropriate content is detected

  • Presets:
  • Secure - Blocks all traffic except for whitelist items
  • Moderate - The user's default settings
  • Light - The filter will block only certain defined urls

  • Whitelist:
  • Enable Whitelist - Prevents ProCon from blocking sites which the user trusts

  • Profanity Filter:
  • Enable Profanity Filter - Protects the user from reading what is appropriate

  • Credits
  • ProCon About - Some general information about ProCon
  • Special Thanks - An attribute to those whom I found to encourage me at any moment

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  • Is the ProCon Extension free?
  • Yes, under the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license.

  • What's the philosophy under ProCon?
  • ProCon is aimed to protect individuals from immoral sites. Obviously, it can be used to block annoyances on the net as well.

  • If I hide ProCon from Firefox's Tools menu, from the status bar, and lock the Add-ons list, how could I open ProCon's preferences?
  • Good question. There are two simple methods; first, you could use the shortcut keys that were set in the settings, by default (if the user hasn't changed it) it's Ctrl+Alt+P. Secondly, you could access the settings by adding ProCon's toolbar button; to do this, on Firefox click View>Toolbars>Customize... and drag the ProCon button to the toolbar. After that you can click it and access the settings.

  • What should I know about ProCon and wildchars?
  • ProCon does not need asterisks (*) wildchar. Instead of writing *.mozilla.* write .mozilla. and to whitelist (or filter) a variety of educational domains you should write .edu (instead of *.edu).

  • How should I format the whitelisted (or blacklisted) addresses?
  • This is a complete url address:
    So, the best and most efficient way is to write it in the whitelist (or in the "Blocked Sites" list) as
    That will make sure that even if the site is accessed using a secure protocol (httpS) it will be recognized as a trusted site. However, you should consider that is a sub-domain of and, that if you want to include all other sub-domains of, you would whitelist rather than

    NOTE: will whitelist all pages that come from it, but will not include external domains, as mozdev.COM, mozdev.NET, mozdev.WHATEVER. So if you want to include these other, you should consider whitelisting mozdev. or .mozdev. (whith the dots) as a better alternative.

  • What should I know when exporting, modifing, and distributing ProCon's settings?
  • Once exported, as a configuration file, you should be able to edit the configuration file with any text editor. However, if you are planning to include special characters (other than English letters) you will have to make sure that your text editor supports the reading and writing of unicode, and in particular UTF-8 encoding.

    Some editors that support these encoding: Notepad++, Notepad2, PSPad, Scintilla, etc...

  • I lost my password can you help?
  • Sorry, you don't know me and I don't know you. How should I know that you're the actual "guardian?"

  • Why is ProCon green?
  • ProCon is greenish in color because olive green, as well as blue, is a relaxing color to the eye.

  • So, why not blue?
  • Because a big company licensed the bluish UI look.

  • Who's behind ProCon? Who's Corvineum?
  • Me? I'm a tiny particle living to please my Jesus.

  • What can I do to help?
  • You can send me bugs, send me some better performance code (if it exists :) or make a donation (to my PayPal or Amazon). Thank you anyways!

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